I’m So Eligible!

Hullo! I’m told I absolutely, absolutely must write an Awards Eligibility post as a pro writer, or come awards time, I will crumble into an unlauded and completely un-noteworthy pile of ash. (And yeah, I know it’s pretty much too late for the Nebuals, but hey, the Locus and Hugos are right around the corner!) So, here it is. In the Novelette category, we have:

“Pirate Songs” in Accessing the Future, brought to us by the Future Fire. A story of space pirates, space princesses (ok, a diplomat’s daughter), offworld government corruption, and getting around on a spaceship without your wheelchair. It’s good. You’ll like it. Read it here:


“Follow Me Down” in Unlikely Story’s Journal of Unlikely Academia. There are only a few midwives with the stomach and skill to bring the demigods and half-demons of old- world mythology safely and tenderly into this world. Meet them at the New York College of Theogony and Preternatural Obstetrics,  here:  


Well, that’s it. I hope you read these stories, along with all the other wicked cool stories with which they appear. These represent my best and shiniest work to date, and (more importantly) the sort of stories that are closest to my heart.

Also, apparently, this is already my last year of eligibility for the Campbell (I know, right? That’s what I get for only writing one story my first year) So, if you’d like to consider me for that, you can do so on the strength of the novelettes above, my Long Hidden story, my Podcastle story, or any of the other assorted essays, bits of writing, or weird ravings that can be found here:




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